Laxius Force

Laxius Force 1.2

Enter the legend and show your skills in Laxius Force battle

Laxius Force is a great arcade battle where you will enter a labyrinth to fight and defeat evil powers. The main objective of this game is to fight the Evil Order and save the world. Random and Sarah is a couple engaged in this war against evil, a power Order that desires to control every entity in the world. You will be helping Random and Sarah along their way to recover friendship and defeat danger and tragedy.

You can play this game in legend mode or you can skip straight to battle. You will be able to select your character and your guide. Each character has different skills, power, equipment and weapons. During the game you will search in a labyrinth and will get involved in different battles with different enemies and monsters. You must get potions and powers to defeat some of your enemies. During a fight you must select between defense or attack. Be prudent and don't fight enemies with more skills and power than you. Search for potions and life power to increase your power. Find chest treasures and collect every item in your way, you can use them in different situations.

Birgilio Rivera
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